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Extra virgin olive oil

Ferrari EVO oil comes from a blend of canine and leccino olives, joined in equal parts. It is obtained with the cold pressing process that gives the oil a delicate and sweet flavor, with a lower level of acidity, and a delicate scent that refers to Mediterranean fragrances. It is well balanced, with a taste that is never tending to bitter, but quite flavored. It has a fluid but full-bodied texture.
It is composed of natural ingredients, without any addition of additives or chemicals.
This oil can be combined with any type of preparation, from meat to pasta, fish or side dishes.
It can also be an alternative to butter in the preparation of desserts.

Format 5 liters, 3 liters, 0.75 liters, 0.25 liters, 0.1 liters

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Year 2019 awarded with the attribution of the 5 Drops of Excellence of Bibenda (evaluation from 91/100). Considered one of the best extra virgin olive oils in Italy and included in the prestigious BiBenda 2019 Guide.

Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It can be enjoyed pure or flavored, with the addition of chilli, basil and lemon. These are the particular ingredients that will enrich your every preparation making it unique. Chilli pepper flavored oil is ideal when used with pizza, tomato sauces, pasta, roasted or boiled meats, fish or side dishes. Basil flavored oil is the ideal ingredient for any Mediterranean tomato-based preparation. Lemon flavored oil is the most delicate of flavored oils, and is ideal for roasted meats or fish, especially with seafood.

format 0.250 gr

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Olive paté

The Ferrari company recommends trying its olive pate, made exclusively of olives without the addition of additives or preservatives. It has a slightly bitter taste, delicately spiced, with a delicate fruity aroma, typical of herbs that grow in Italy.
Try it on a slice of fresh bread or on a bruschetta, or add it to spaghetti or mix it with a cream cheese, it will amaze you!

See the recipe for spaghetti with olive pate
200 gr package

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Hazelnut is a fruit known for its calories and rich in unsaturated fats, vitamins E, Vitamins K and minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus.
It can be used whole, toasted or raw, or in grains of different sizes. It can also be processed and reworked into hazelnut paste or cream.
In any case, it is a precious ingredient for any preparation, especially for desserts.
So please be added in the preparation of cakes, creams, biscuits but also liqueurs or pasta.

The Ferrari company sells exclusively shelled, shelled and toasted hazelnuts.
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