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The Ferrari company located in Caprarola, “the pearl of the Cimini Mountains”, in the province of Viterbo, a stone’s throw from Rome, known for its seriousness and professionalism, has been operating for some years in the nut and oil sector.

Located in Caprarola, in the province of Viterbo, in a setting that encloses one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, the Azienda Agricola Ferrari has been operating for some years in the oil and nut sector. In this area in the heart of the Vico Lake Nature Reserve, also known as the Pearl of the Cimini Mountains, the farm was born, by the will of the young owner, Federico Ferrari.

Right there, in the heart of Tuscia, where peace and relaxation envelop immense green expanses covered with chestnut, hazelnut, beech, oak and olive trees, worked with passion for generations, the desire to make known and appreciate the most precious treasures of the earth arises. . Thus began the processing of nuts and the production of what will become, in a very short time, the company’s product of excellence: extra virgin olive oil. To make our oil special and give it that unique flavor, both the passion and dedication we have always put into the cultivation of our lands located in Tuscia, and the cold extraction, which we carry out directly in our Ferrari Oil Mill located inside of the company. Ferrari EVO oil is characterized by its extraordinary ability to enrich any food without ever overpowering other flavors with its unique flavor: a salad, a vegetable dish or any other food seasoned with Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ferrari will always be able to satisfy, with its delicate delicate and sweet flavor and its scent that refers to Mediterranean fragrances, even the most demanding palates, marrying with the flavors of food without ever imposing itself. The quality of Ferrari EVO oil has also obtained important awards, such as Bibenda’s 5 Drops of Excellence, inclusion in the prestigious BiBenda 2019 Guide, by Gambero Rosso, Lodo Guide and in the international AIPO competition. To know all the secrets that allow us to offer our customers such an exclusive extra virgin olive oil, visit the site il Frantoio della Tuscia Ferrari (

Together with Ferrari Extra Virgin Olive Oil it is also possible to find a rich selection of EVO oils flavored with chilli and basil: two different fragrances designed to enrich your dishes with a special taste and all the quality of a healthy and genuine product 100 %. Extra virgin olive oil with chili pepper is perfect for giving a pizza, sauce or meat dish a strong and spicy taste, while the extra virgin olive oil with basil is the perfect solution to enrich a tomato sauce with a typical taste of Mediterranean cuisine.

To enjoy all the flavor of our olives we have also thought of a slightly bitter and spicy pate, which allows us to bring the flavors of our land to the table. 100% natural, without the addition of additives and preservatives, the olive pate is perfect to give a special flavor to a plate of pasta, to give a unique taste to a bruschetta or spread on a slice of fresh bread for a delicious snack or snack.

In addition to oil products and olive pate, we also deal with chestnuts in syrup and the processing of hazelnuts, a fruit that is too often underestimated which instead manages to give precious benefits to our body. Rich in unsaturated fats, vitamins and minerals, hazelnuts can be used both in addition to sweets, creams and biscuits, and as a healthy and healthy ingredient to create tasty pasta toppings. We produce toasted hazelnuts, chopped hazelnuts, hazelnut cream and hazelnut paste. To find out more about the many exclusive products that we have designed to bring the precious flavors of our land to your tables, you can visit our shop – Agriturismo Ferrari.

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